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Orthotics and foot doctor

Orthotics are derived from the Greek word “ortho”, meaning to straighten.
Your feet can have a direct impact on your body, mainly because they have to support and withstand your weight and are subjected to force and balance with every step. A subtle change in the way you walk can potentially cause major issues in your posture and gait biomechanics. These abnormal biomechanics can put stress on the joints and muscles, which can cause serious problems both immediately and in the future if the issues are not properly addressed by a trained professional.
Do I need orthotics?
• My feet are sore on a regular basis.
• My job has me spending most of my day standing or walking on hard surfaces.
• I play sports on a regular basis.
• Standing, walking, or running gives me joint pain.
• I have visible foot problems like bunions, hammer toes, or fallen arches.
• I am over 40 years old.
• One of my legs is shorter than the other.
• I wear my shoes out quickly and unevenly.
• My feet point outwards when I walk.
• There is history of foot related symptoms in my family.
If any of the statements above are relevant to you, ask us about how orthotics could help you feel better from the ground up.
We will evaluate the way you walk (gait analysis), determine if you are in need of custom foot orthotics and will then painlessly adjust the joints in your feet. The adjustment is a corrective procedure that will restore normal joint movement and function to your feet. In addition, a mould will be taken of your feet in order to create your custom foot orthotics. When the orthotics arrive at Total Health Link, an appointment is booked and your new orthotics will be tested to ensure a proper fit. Wearing your custom foot orthotics every day will help to rebalance your feet, reduce pain and discomfort, enhance your body’s natural movements, and restore your natural gait biomechanics.
Orthotics can be prescribed to:
• Support flat feet
• Cushion rigid feet
• Reduce pain from bunions
• Correct foot deformities
• Reduce pain of plantar fasciitis
• Relieve pressure on specific parts of the foot
• Improve the muscles, tendons and bones of the feet as well as lower legs, so they can function to their highest potential
Benefits of using orthotics can include:
• Decreased pain
• Increased stability
• Can prevent the foot from developing additional problems
• Improved quality of life
• Increased endurance, strength and performance in sports
• Decreased fatigue and discomfort
• Promotes efficient muscle function, which will enhance performance

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