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The human body is a complex system, made up of hundreds of bones and joints as well as muscles and ligaments all working in balance. When an accident or illness affects your body, a physiotherapist can help restore mobility.

Physiotherapy encourages your independence and involves you in setting your own treatment goals. It provides preventive, diagnostic and rehabilitative services to help you achieve optimal function after injury or disease.

Through a variety of hands-on treatments, education, and exercise programs, the physiotherapist will help you maximize your ability to function. Physiotherapy is focused on drug-free pain relief and maximum function.

Physiotherapy can help you become stronger and more flexible, increase your freedom of movement and mobility. It can help you breathe easier, reduce pain, prevent injury and help you to stay active.

Your physiotherapist can show you how to prevent and treat sports injuries, restore and increase your range of motion, and increase your coordination, alleviate pain. Your physiotherapist can also design a plan to make your home and work more user-friendly.

Our physiotherapists are here to treat and prevent joint and muscle strains, neck and back complaints. To help you restore function after surgeries and fractures by providing rehabilitation services. They also help to correct and prevent postural dysfunction and muscular imbalance as well as help you to manage arthritis.

Treatments may involve:

  • Special exercises
  • Mobilizations
  • Modalities – Ultrasound, Electrotherapy, Laser and Shockwave Therapy
  • Stress management
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Patient education

The use of these treatments helps to correct or prevent skeletal damage and stimulates function of muscles, nerves, joints, ligaments, and blood supply.

Treatment options include:

  • Manual Therapy – this treatment uses hands-on therapy, consisting of joint mobilizations and manipulations designed to decrease pain, restore movement and improve function.
  • Mechanical and Electrical Therapy – this treatment uses different modalities for pain relief, muscle spasm, inflammation and swelling, wound healing, increasing movement and strength.
  • Examples of modalities are: hot and cold therapy, traction, and ultrasound, TNS, IFC, EMS, Shockwave and Laser.
  • Homework – this requires you to participate outside of the clinic and complete stretching and exercise programs between visits.

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We are experts in the field of Human Movement, Function and Performance and our team of highly experienced Chartered Physiotherapists specialise in the assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries.